Here is a selection of articles I’ve written for other publications and websites. I’ve also written about political blogging for Wannabe Hacks and Cardiff Blogs and been profiled on Total Politics. I also co-author a weekly round-up of US and international politics for Left Foot Forward.

News Clippings:

Government advisor calls for two new hydro plants in Snowdonia (Western Mail, March 2012)

Report highlights decline in Wales ability to attract investment (The Cardiffian)

Banding for Welsh primary schools to be delayed (The Cardiffian)

Lost in Translation (gair rhydd, March 2010)

Church Bells Will Ring Out Again (Worcester News, February 2011)


Political Blogging:

Left Foot Forward:

The global financial crisis, not 9/11, has defined the last decade
Cooper: Tory “reputation” on law and order “was only ever rhetoric”
Simon Hughes: “I oppose EMA cut, housing benefit cut and NHS reforms”

The Grapevine:

Third Way Politics: Blair is Still Relevant
News of the World to Cease Publication

Devolution Demystified:

Welsh Politics: 2011 in Review
Occupy Cardiff and Welsh Politics

The Groucho Tendency:

On The Grapevine with Peter Luff

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