Storytelling and London

How and why we tell stories has always fascinated me. Having lived in London for nearly 2 years, I’ve noticed that it’s not just professional storytellers who spin their experience of London in the form of a narrative. It’s something we all do, whether it’s comparing our social lives or arguing fiercely for our side of the river against the other.

To try and understand why, I wrote a piece for London New Journal, inspired by Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere and his conception of two sides of London – London Above and London Below. The article’s title comes from In Capitals by Johnny Foreigner, a song exploring the reasons people are attracted to capitals.

Check out an extract below or head here to preview the article and download the last issue of London New Journal (iOS only) Update: you can now read the article in full here.

” The real life Richard “Dick” Whittington was nowhere near as poor as the fictional version, but still came to London to find his fortune. His 14th century journey is one so many of us have recreated.

The story has remained so popular throughout the centuries because it reflects a journey that so many of us embark on. We come from around the country to London to seek our fortune, believing it to be the place we can forge a career and make a story of our own. “

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